Hi, I am Arnab Sen👋

I am currently a Final Year Undergraduate pursuing my B.tech degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur.

I will be joining Google as a Software Engineer in May, 2023 after completing my graduation.

My Resume


Securing 2nd position in Hackathon

  • Ranked 2nd position among 22k participants in the Cybersecurity Hackathon conducted by RISE. Got featured in the ThePrint , TheWeek , News18 , ANI News , Mid-day .

  • Ranked 98 globally among 136,054 students (from 34 countries) in Round 2 of Codevita 2022.

  • Ranked 25 in India and 311 globally in Google Hashcode 2021.

  • Selected for Summer of Bitcoin 2021 . Around 55 were selected from 4800+ applicants.

  • Ranked 72 among 200+ teams in ICPC Asia Kanpur-Mathura Regionals 2020.

  • Best Hardware Hack in SnakesNHackers Hackathon by MLH. The project link: arnabsen1729/HackersNLadders .

  • Secured a rank in the top 24 out of 50,452 applications in CoronaSafe Engineering Fellowship Program by AICTE.

  • Top Contributor of WinterOfCode’20 for the organisation DSC-X.

  • Leetcode Rating 2006 (top 2.31%) (handle: arnabsen1729 ) solved 600+ problems.

  • Leetcode ranked 431th out of 15000+ in India.

  • Codeforces Rating Expert 1614 (handle: arnab1729 )

  • Codechef Div1 4star 1802 (handle: arnab1729 )

  • 1003th out of 17k+ in Credit Suisse Global Coding Contest.

  • 1st Position in CodeRush 2020 by IEEE-MIT out of 70+ teams.

  • Ranked 103 in rgbCTF2020 out of 1034

  • My CTF Team 0xw3bs3c was ranked 65th in India according to CTFTime.


Grade: 9.65/10

Activities and societies:

  • General Secretary of the CodeIIEST (Coding Club of IIEST Shibpur), conducted various events, hosted workshops.
  • Co-Lead of GDSC IIEST.
  • CGPA : 9.62 (Till 7th Semester)

Courses Taken:

  • Introduction to Data Structures
  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Digital Logic
  • Computer Architecture and Organisation
  • Programming Paradigm (OOPs and Imperative)
  • General Mathematics
  • Data Science
  • Compiler Design